Who Funds You?

Common Vision (CoVi)

Website: www.covi.org.uk
Twitter: @COVIthinktank
Company no: 08837291

Annual income £257,639 y/e 31/7/15
Displays funding information on own website Yes - view page
Names funders Yes - all
Declares amounts given by funders Yes - by precise bands


The rating here refers to CoVi’s 2015 reporting. We have asked CoVi to send 2016/17 information as soon as possible.

CoVi falls just short of our A-rating by listing funders by band rather than exact amount, but we were impressed by this crowdfunded think tank’s policy of naming all funders (with an option to be anonymous for those giving under £500).

Funding information relates to funders who gave £5,000 or more in the last reported year, unless otherwise stated.
Page last updated: 15/7/18

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